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Berenice Conrado

MRI Technologist Berenice Conrado was raised in Orlando Fl, where she attended Herzing University and obtained a Radiologic Technologist degree in 2017. Since, she has widened her career and knowledge in the imaging field through extensive research and experience in many areas such as outpatient centers, hospitals, level I and II trauma hospitals and surgery centers.
Over the extent of her career she has acquired great expertise in the imaging field including Neuroimaging, Breast Imaging, Prostate Imaging, Defecography, Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), Magnetic resonance venography (MRV), Orthopedic MRI, Arthrography MRI, Enterography MRI, as well as Pediatric Imaging.
She also prides herself in having a maximum 98 percent retention of claustrophobic patients. As she has developed a great bedside patient care system that has helped countless claustrophobic patients get through their MRI exams. She takes her time to listen to the patients’ needs and concerns to provide the patient with the best experience possible, by creating their visit a unique experience to them.

What Berenice Conrado says:

“With over 4 years of proven excellence in customer service from management positions I would like to bring my work ethic, sense of urgency, and heightened attention to detail to a team of healthcare professionals where I can contribute to better patient outcomes through excellence in diagnostic imaging.”

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Berenice Conrado

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