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If you are looking for “MRI near me”, then you have come to the right page. Our MRI center located near Lake Mary in Orlando, FL we offer a High-field MRI that is convenient and affordable. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and safety. If you have any questions about the process or how to schedule your appointment give us a call Today!

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology is one of the most sensitive diagnostic imaging tests available in MRI center. This safe, noninvasive technology is useful for evaluating a wide range of brain disorders or conditions, including traumatic injury, tumors, stroke, and aneurysms.

    If you have been injured in a car accident and need an MRI done, we work with all auto insurance policies and are able to schedule your appointment in a timely fashion. MRI is equipped with a function that can study the condition of bone and cartilage tissue in layers, in a three-dimensional image quality.
    Most diseases of the musculoskeletal system are almost impossible to detect using a standard x-ray. This has an extremely negative impact on patients in the future who have decided to opt out of a full diagnosis. A high-precision procedure lasting 35 minutes allows you to detect pathologies, even at the earliest stage.
    This type of diagnosis very accurately examines muscle tissue, through visualization, as well as joints and ligamentous apparatus, mainly differing from computed tomography. The resulting images later help to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a more competent treatment method, having previously received all the necessary recommendations and expert advice.
    Most often, specialists prescribe MRI solely for diagnostic purposes.

    Types of MRI

    • MRI of the brain
    • MRI of the orbits
    • MRI of the chest
    • MRI of the cervical spine (upper/neck portion)
    • MRI of the thoracic spine (chest portion)
    • MRI of the lumbar spine (lower portion)
    • MRI of an upper extremity (shoulder, wrist, hand, finger, etc.)
    • MRI of a lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle, foot, etc.)
    • MRI of the abdomen (mrcp, kidneys, adrenal glands, liver)
    • MRI of the soft tissue neck
    • MRI of the pelvis soft-tissue
    • MRI of the bony pelvis
    • MRI of the sacrum/coccyx
    • MRI of breast implants
    • MRI of the brain/head
    • MRI of the neck/carotid
    • MRI of whole spine
    • MRI for kids
    • MRI of cardiac

    Getting Comfortable & Keeping Still

    Right before the MRI is done you have to remove any metal objects (hearing aid, watch, jewelry and the like) from your body. You will have to take off your clothes too and you will be given a gown instead. Although depending on the area of the scan you may keep some of them on you. In this case don’t forget to take out coins and credit cards from your pockets.

    Both standard and open MRI machine take place in a large tube. It might make you feel claustrophobic or nervous but you have to lie keeping still. If you feel scared and uncomfortable the physician can give you sedative pills prior to the test.

    Our medical center has the latest equipment and the highly trained radiologists. We provide a high quality diagnostic imaging foot and ankle in Orlando, Florida and offer further treatment if required.

    How much do MRI’s cost

    If you are interested in the question: “How much do MRI’s cost near Lake Mary, FL?” – You can always give us a call to find out about your payment options.
    *We accept health insurances.
    *We accept patients with auto insurance after auto accidents as well as with letters of protection from attorney (LOP).
    *We also accept self pay and care credit.
    Costs can vary depending on the scan you need. Your insurance may cover the full cost of the scan or you might be responsible for part of the payment depending on your coverage.
    Give us a call to find out more about your unique situation.
    You can make an appointment today.


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