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MRI Lumbar spine

The lumbar spine is the most mobile part of the spinal cord, but it is the least protected area and also vulnerable to various injuries. It is due to the anatomy – any additional bones do not protect it. The lower back is essential for helping us sit, walk, and stand upright. This structure carries the burden of the entire human body. The modern rhythm of life requires sedentary work: an 8-hour schedule in the office in front of a computer can cause constant discomfort in the back. As a result, serious illnesses can develop. Therefore, this part of the body must be diagnosed with the most accurate method.

MRI scan lumbar spine is a step-by-step method based on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetism of hydrogen atoms. This method is safe for health because the magnetic field is inert for the human body. Black and white images of lumbar MRI can show lesions of both soft and bone tissues.

Lumbar spine mri

What can lumbar MRI’s diagnose?

Doctors use diagnostic imaging of the lower back to determine the etiology of pain in this area. MRI of the back scan is useful for determining the causes of pathology at different anatomical levels. For example, the test allows identifying the localization of the damage of the spinal cord or the tumors and metastases. Besides, an MRI scan for lower back pain can reveal inflammation in the nerve roots and a pinched nerve. Moreover, osteochondrosis may be the cause of acute back pain. It is the state of the destruction of the cartilage tissue, which MRI  can also diagnose.

Besides, the patient may develop neurological symptoms – numbness of the limb, stiffness of movement, bowel or bladder incontinence, radiating pain – for these reasons, the doctor may also prescribe an MRI scan of the lower back. Contrast-enhanced MRI of the lumbar spine is useful for the improvement of clear visualization of structures.

How to prepare?

You do not have to prepare for the lumbosacral MRI. Often, you can eat and take medications before the test. However, your radiologist should be aware of the presence of metal implants in your body, as the device emits the magnetism that can harm your health and disrupt the operation of the implant itself. You don’t need to remove braces or dental fillings – they won’t interfere with the diagnostic imaging of the lumbar spine.

Despite this, the patient must remove all accessories and piercings for the MRI of the lumbar spine: if not doing so, there will be areas of enlightenment in the picture.

What happens during an MRI?

During an MRI of the lower back in Orlando, the patient lies on a movable bed – the technician controls it. The MRI machine emits humming and pounding sounds. The duration of the procedure is about half an hour. After the MRI of the lumbar spine with contrast, the patient has to drink plenty of water – it will help the kidneys to remove the agent quickly.

After an MRI of the lumbar spine without contrast, you can return to your usual rhythm of life.

If you experience back pain or other discomforts, you can go to the diagnostic imaging center. Our radiologists will perform an MRI of your lumbosacral spine in Orlando, Florida.

How much do Lumbar spine MRI’s cost

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Written by Berenice ConradoChief MRI TechnologistUpdated on March 9, 2021

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