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X-ray is a very useful exam to help determine some conditions. In x-ray, radiation is used to create anatomical images. When taking an x-ray, radiation passes through the body and reaches a detector. The variation of density within the anatomical structures being imaged determines the amount of radiation that will reach the detector. The amount of radiation that reaches the detector is what creates the image. The variation in density from the anatomical structures create a gray scale within the image. All of the anatomical structures will show up in the image in different shades of grays, allowing the radiologist to distinguish between them.

X-ray can be used to diagnose many different fractures, diseases, and infections involving may parts of the body such as:

X-ray is extremely useful in diagnosing many problems and conditions found, particularly in bone. A lot of these include fractures, infections, dislocation, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis and many more. Sometimes x-ray is enough and no further imaging is required. However, while certain conditions may be found in x-ray, further examination in other imaging modalities may be require to better asses the findings.

X-ray is also a great tool that many physicians use to discover infections and calcification in the arteries. Doctors use chest x-rays to assess the heart, lungs, and chest wall. Some conditions found include pneumonia, cancer, emphysema and more. Physicians may recommend a chest x-ray if your symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, or a persistent cough.

X-ray is a helpful imaging technique to assess conditions within the abdomen. Your doctor may recommend an abdominal x-ray if you have a complaint involving your abdomen. Trauma, abdominal pain, bleeding, and jaundice are just some of many symptoms that may cause your doctor to recommend you getting an abdominal x-ray. Free fluid, free air, obstruction, calcification, and cancer are some conditions that may be discovered in x-ray.

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My son had to do an MRI neck urgently, so I asked around to find the best MRI center near me. I was told that CFL diagnostic is one of the best places for a scan in Orlando. It is true, I don t think I have seen such a high quality of service and treatment anywhere else. And it also turned out that the cost was covered by the insurance. I definitely will go to this center again.

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The imaging center CFL diagnostic in Orlando is officially my top choice. I went in for an MRI lumbar spine with contrast. They answered all my questions patiently there and explained the whole procedure in detail. They also gave me sedatives, as I am afraid of closed space. I didn t expect such a kind treatment and also the cost is very low. I have 0 complaints

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How Does X-Ray Work?

            Digital X-Ray is a quick and painless test to assess the patient’s medical condition. X-Ray in Orlando is easy to obtain. A referral must be obtained from a physician first. Once the referral has been obtained, the exam can easily be done at a radiologic imaging center. X-Ray radiation passes through the human body and is caught with the help of a detector located behind the patient. Due to the variation in density in the human tissues within the body, the different anatomical structures, when seen in x-ray, show up in various shades of grays within a window scale. Using the variation of contrast within these images, medical radiologists can verify and diagnose certain conditions.


Patient Preparation for an X-Ray Procedure

            There are some suggestions on how to prepare for an x-ray:

  •  Wear comfortable clothing that have no metal.
  • Remove all metal objects such as jewelry and body piercings.
  • Diagnostic X-rays have the potential to be very harmful during pregnancy. Therefore, if possible, it is preferred to avoid any radiation related study during pregnancy. However, if the study is necessary an obstetrician’s consent will be required prior to study.
  • In some scenarios fasting prior to an exam may be required. If a particular study requires fasting prior to, you should be notified during the scheduling process of your appointment.
  • If needed, a radiation shielding apron may be provided by the radiologic technologist. In order to protect the rest of the anatomical structures from the unnecessary radiation exposure.

How long will the procedure take?

   If you are looking for “X–ray near me”, then you have come to the right page. X-Ray scans on average can take between 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the region and on how many regions need to be done.

How do I schedule an X-ray in Orlando?

            In the scenario where you feel you are in need of an x-ray, a referral must be obtained from a physician first. Once you have obtained the referral you can contact a diagnostic imaging center near you to have them schedule your appointment.

Written by Berenice ConradoChief MRI TechnologistUpdated on August 30, 2021

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